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Co-Founder & CTO (Chief Technical Officer) 

Nadeem Ahmed, CTO (Chief Technical Officer) &  Co-Founder of CameraWhoop. He has actively worked as a Growth Hacker both as a Co-Founder of a startup and a Consultant, working on Digital Marketing, Advertising, Content Marketing, and Product Design.  He also have active experience in content creation for creative industries working along with blogs, YouTube and other social media platforms.

He’s a certified Google adwords expert, facebook advertising and Growth hacker. On the Product End, He has  worked on website projects in order to build them from scratch. He’s responsible for interface design, architecture and the production of the projects.



Faisal Zia Ahmed- CameraWhoop.com

Co-Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Faizal Zia Ahmed is a guitarist and is a smashing photographer. Born on 26th April in Bagdogra, Sikkim, he did his schooling from Delhi Public School, Raj Nagar and is currently studying History Honors at Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi University. He currently works at Crescendo- The Western Music Society of Sri Venkateswara College. He is a former member of Effulgence- The Photography Society of Sri Venkateswara College and also studies Western Music at Delhi school Of Music, Trinity College of Music London.

Faisal believes in creating his own destiny and is an experimentalist. With a bright, cheerful and a charismatic personality, this lad has a completely different approach to life and believes in making lives happy with his exuberant photography techniques. His dignified demeanor and soft voice is a mark of his upbringing and symbolizes his serene attitude towards life. Faisal is more focused in terms of intensity and prioritizes his work than anything else. This Delhi boy has his fingers running across his guitar and very cleverly impresses people with his tabs and chords.

Faisal truly is the emerging star and is impressive enough with his charming looks, melodious voice and fantastic photography skills.

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Shivani Rawat
Writer | Camerawhoop